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FTW series · Full ceramic non-contamination turbine air flow classifier
working principle:
The material is quantitatively fed into the dispersing cavity at the lower part of the classifier, and is initially dispersed under the blowing action of the supplementary air flow, and at the same time rises under the action of negative pressure, enters the upper classifying cavity and gets further at the high-speed rotating classifying wheel Dispersed, and then screened by high-speed classifying rotor, qualified fine powder will pass through the classifying rotor and then enter the downstream dust collection equipment (cyclone separator, bag dust collector, etc.) through the pipeline. The coarser particles will go down the cylinder wall The lower end was unloaded.
  1.   采用分级轮离心强制分选的原理,分级精度高,容易调控;
  2.   主机内腔接触物料部位可实现全部工程陶瓷防护,从而满足多数高新材料避免金属杂质污染的要求,关键部位包括进料机构、腔体内衬、分级轮、密封机构、出料机构等,特别是全陶瓷高速分级轮属于我公司专利产品,经一体加工成型,线速度高,分级粒度精准可控;
  3.   适用于球状、片状、纤维状等各类粉体颗粒的干法分选;
  4.   可与气流粉碎机、机械粉碎机、振动磨机、搅拌磨机、球磨机、管磨机、辊磨机等各类粉磨设备组成闭式循环粉碎、分级自动化产线,优化产品粒度分布;
  5.   匹配全流程自动化生产线,无粉尘外泄,绿色环保;劳动强度低;智能在线及远程控制;
1. Adopt the principle of centrifugal forced sorting by classifying rotor, with high grading accuracy and easy adjustment;
2. The parts of the main unit cavity contacting the material can achieve all engineering ceramics protection to meet the requirements of most high-tech materials to avoid metal impurity contamination. The key parts include the feeding mechanism, the lining of the cavity, the classifying rotor, the sealing mechanism, the discharging mechanism, In particular, the all-ceramic high-speed classifying rotor belongs to our company's patented product. It is formed by one-piece processing, with high linear speed and accurate and controllable grading granularity;
3. It is suitable for dry sorting of spherical, flake, and fibrous powder particles;
4. It can be combined with various types of grinding equipment such as airflow pulverizer, mechanical pulverizer, vibratory mill, agitator mill, ball mill, tube mill, roller mill and other types of grinding equipment to optimize the product size distribution ;
5. Match the whole process automatic production line, no dust leakage, green environmental protection; low labor intensity; intelligent online and remote control;
技术参数表(Technical Data Sheet)
Note: The specific configuration and processing effect need to be confirmed according to the material properties and processing requirements, and you can communicate with our engineers or come to do materials processing test first.
实物图片(Physical picture)
FTW-800-3(大型机)                     FTW-350(中型机)                        FTW-100(微型机)
FTW-800-3(super model)               FTW-350(medium model)                    FTW-100(Micro model)
参考工艺流程图(Reference process flow chart)