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LXJL series · All ceramics contamination-free spiral feeding conveyor
working principle:
Through the action of spiral blades, fine particles or powdery materials are transported from the inlet to the outlet, and the feeding speed can be changed by adjusting the spiral rotation speed.
  1.   种类齐全,可根据现场情况(输送量、输送距离等)定制设计。
  2.   内腔接触物料部位全部工程陶瓷防护,从而满足多数高新材料避免金属杂质污染的要求,关键部位包括螺旋内衬管、进料口、出料口、绞龙叶片等。
  3.   可以作为气流粉碎机、机械式粉碎机、球磨机、振动磨机、搅拌磨机等各类粉碎研磨设备的定量加料装置,加料速度均匀可控;也可以作为粉体输送转运装置使用。
1. A complete range of products can be customized according to the site conditions (conveying volume, conveying distance, etc.).
2. The parts of the inner cavity that contact the materials are all protected by engineering ceramics, so as to meet the requirements of most high-tech materials to avoid the contamination of metal impurities. The key parts include the spiral lining tube, the inlet, the outlet, and theconveyor blade.
3. It can be used as a quantitative feeding device for various types of crushing and grinding equipment such as jet mills, mechanical mills, ball mills, vibration mills, stirring mills, etc., and the uniform feeding speed can be controlled; it can also be used as a powder transfer device.
技术参数表(Technical Data Sheet)
Note: The amount of feed is related to the frequency of the motor, the specific gravity of the material, the fluidity of the material, etc., and can be communicated with our engineers; the size of the inlet and outlet, the conveying distance can be customized according to the actual needs.
实物图片(Physical picture)
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