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GBS Series · All-ceramic double-acting column crusher (powerful disperser)
working principle:
There are one main and one pair of crushing discs installed in the crushing cavity of the equipment. Each crushing disc is equipped with dozens of crushing columns, which are staggered with each other. The two discs rotate at high speed under the drive of the motor. The crushing column generates a strong impact force and is granular. After the material falls into the crushing cavity, it will be refined under the impact of the crushing column, and finally discharged from the gap at the lower part of the inner retaining ring.
  1.   利用了“机械冲击”的原理,处理量相对较高,能耗低,且不易积料,清洗方便。
  2.   相比单动形式,双动形式粉碎柱速度得到叠加,破碎或打散效果更佳,出料粒度更小。
  3.   冲击磨损部位全部工程陶瓷防护,从而满足多数高新材料避免金属杂质污染要求,关键部位包括粉碎柱、挡圈等。
  4.   可作为气流粉碎、机械粉碎等细粉碎设备的前道预处理装置,也可更换不锈钢筛网或配合振动筛生产最终产品;根据物料性质,可灵活选择单机间歇式使用或配合后道收料设备连续式使用。
1. Using the principle of "mechanical impact", the processing capacity is relatively high, the energy consumption is low, and it is not easy to accumulate materials, and the cleaning is convenient.
2. Compared with the single-acting type, the double-acting type crushing column speed is superimposed, the crushing or breaking effect is better, and the output particle size is smaller.
3. All impact wear parts are protected by engineering ceramics to meet the requirements of most high-tech materials to avoid metal impurity contamination. The key parts include crushing columns and retaining rings.
4. It can be used as the front pretreatment device of fine crushing equipment such as air flow crushing and mechanical crushing. It can also replace the stainless steel screen or cooperate with the vibrating screen to produce the final product. Continuous use of material equipment.
技术参数表(Technical Data Sheet)
Note: The specific configuration and processing effect need to be confirmed according to the material properties and processing requirements, and you can communicate with our engineers or come to do materials processing test first.
实物图片(Physical picture)
相关专利:无污染陶瓷粉碎、分散、球形化一体机装置(发明ZL 201410187326.X)
Related patents: non-polluting ceramic crushing, dispersing, and spheroidizing integrated machine device (invention ZL 201410187326.X